Creative and Integrated Ideas

Get Talked About helps begin, build, and sustain recommendation-generating conversations about brands, companies, and people by integrating online marketing techniques with traditional offline components.This includes but is not limited to components such as search engine optimization, Social Media, Online Advertisements, Email Marketing, and both Traditional and Online Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising.

Many traditional agencies and their clients are still using practices that have been left behind in this new social and online world. Get Talked About will help you enter this space as quickly as you would like, ensuring that there is sound methodology, testing and tracking to get the best results for your company. As a smaller agency, Get Talked About can adjust to the marketplace more quickly, thus delivering better results to its clients. We work to integrate all brand, company and individual Marketing efforts into one cohesive and measurable strategy. Our mission is to get a brand, company or person found, talked about and recommended both online and off.

How We Work

We are an extension of your team.

The only reason to do marketing is to grow your business. Get Talked About understands this and works with you to design and achieve your marketing goals. The basis for everything we do for you is using sound strategy, backed by factual data and setting achievable goals. We have a simple two-step process. All of this is backed up with marketing data you can use to prove ROI.

Step 1

Providing you fact-based actionable intelligence is grounded in doing research up front. Without acquiring the factual data about your business, industry, and the competition, it is impossible to provide you the right strategy recommendations to grow your business. We perform the right research to provide you the right ideas.

Step 2

After researching your project, providing you the right strategy and executing the proper tactics, you need data and information that provide you the necessary proof that you are getting the proper ROI from your efforts. We provide you the right data so know what is working and what is not. This allows you to maximize ROI and adjust a program/campaign as necessary to guarantee success.