Why Your Marketing Plan Should Include a Little of Everything

mutlichannel-blogThanks to the rise of technology, marketing is more complex than it has ever been before. There are many different methods for a company looking to reach an audience of potential customers, from television commercials to advertisements on search engines.

There are a vast number of ways to connect with prospects, and this has naturally led some marketers to wonder which method is the best. With budgets getting tighter and competition getting fiercer, marketers want to know how they can spend their money the most efficiently.

It is hard to quantify one particular method or another as being the best form of marketing. For the best results one thing is clear: marketers need to adopt as many techniques as possible to reach their intended audience.

Why Diversity is Key for Successful Marketing

The best marketers today are the ones who can reach their prospects in many locations. In order to do this, they employ several different tactics: the numbers show that on average, an effective B2B marketer will use 13 different tactics to bring in new business.

However, there is an even more important reason it is effective to use so many different marketing avenues: strengthening your brand.

Many Tactics, One Brand

What is the one thing that your social media pages, company blog, and newspaper ads all have in common? It is simple: your brand!

The more times that a prospect can see your brand name, logo, or message, the easier it will be for that brand to resound with a selected audience. At Forbes, marketing executive Vivek Bapat says that the future of brand equity is personal social sharing. If this is true, it makes sense that the more opportunities that people have to share brand collateral, the stronger this brand will be.

This is part of the reason that you see large corporations with a strong emphasis on their brand engage in so many different marketing tactics. Companies like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and IBM are all considered to be some of the strongest brands in the world. This is due in part because you can find them on billboards, buses, social media pages, magazines, and so on.

Making Sense of the Many Marketing Channels

Even knowing that more marketing tactics will mean a more cohesive brand that provides a stronger message to prospects, many marketers remain confused about which tactics to employ first. It is not feasible for many marketers to spend money on every single form of marketing available to them.

analytics-blogThis is where the power of marketing analysis comes into play. With the ability to examine your marketing by analyzing the results and making changes based on what you find, you can witness for yourself the power of diversifying your marketing strategies. You may find that each of the various marketing strategies that you decide to employ becomes more useful when you increase the number of overall tactics that you use. As you become more and more comfortable with analyzing your marketing effectiveness, you will be able to make intelligent decisions about the marketing tools you want to adapt to help strengthen your brand to find new customers.