We Want to Secede? Social Media Gone Wild!

Growing up in the late 1960s and early 1970s, I have heard a lot of anti-government sentiment, but States wanting to secede is a BIG DEAL!In the past groups of people would have an idea and get together and protest but social media has brought idea sharing to a whole new level.

Groups with polarizing viewpoints are able to find facts that support their viewpoint and spread them through various social media channels garnering support and creating a tribe.

This past election cycle has been a great display of the power of social media and the power of information sharing. It has grown to such a level that hundreds of thousands of Americans feel they have enough information to make the decision to secede from the Union. This is something that we never thought we would see in our Nation.

Chances are, these movements, while a powerful voice, will not go anywhere. They do, however, have great lessons for us to learn as business owners.

What did these people do to garner so much Social Media power?

  • Created a message using spectacular facts
  • Stayed on message
  • Found powerful people to share their message
  • Built loyalty
  • Did not stop in the face of adversity
  • Interacted within their community
  • Created on going call to action

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