The Importance of Vision in a Marketing Plan

Many full time marketing professionals find it difficult to pin their clients down to one comprehensive marketing strategy that will help them solidify a marketing plan. Often a lot of time is wasted switching gears after the marketing plan has been agreed upon and then changes get made mid stream.



This causes several problems for the client and the marketing firm:

A plan never has a chance to succeed.
(Very seldom does a marketing plan succeed in the first few weeks, it takes time to be successful)
• A lot of hours are wasted designing and building marketing materials that often don’t get used.
• Just because an idea worked for somebody else it may not be right for you
• Frustration is felt on both the client and marketing professional’s sides of the table
• Thousands of dollars are wasted with little results

So what does it take to build a strong marketing plan?

It Takes Vision!

A company that has a clear vision for where they are going, who they are, and who there audience is will succeed in their marketing plan. A marketing firm is there to take your vision and help others see your vision.



An organization with strong vision will be able to:
• Clearly convey their vision to others
• Stay on course while implementing their marketing plan
• Have total buy in as to their marketing strategy
• Be able to develop collateral that is always in line with their vision.



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