Furby Rises Again

Nearly 20 years ago the store shelves were filled with an interactive toy known as Furby. Hasbro used a great marketing plan to make these little critters fly off the shelves.
As with many toys, kids got bored with them. I truthfully got annoyed by the constant chatter and freaky interruptions from my son’s Furby. Over time they disappeared from the store shelves, and it was known as a pop culture to of the past. It had gone the way of the Pet Rock, STP Racers and GI Joe with Kung Fu Grip.
Now we fast forward 20 years and what do we see? We see news stories where once again stating that Furby will once again be one of the most sought after toys of this Christmas season.
For me it was like the 10th installment of Friday the 13th or Jaws 2…just when I thought I was free from these freaky little furry creatures here comes Furby and this time they can link to an app in your I-phone or Android. This can’t be good, but as a Marketing Strategist, I have to appreciate what Hasbro has done.

How are they bringing Furby back to its former Glory?



  • They let people miss Furby
  • Made Furby current
  • Introduced Furby to people who will talk about it
  • Marketed to a new audience that never had a Furby
  • The generation that had a Furby are now having children of their own

Looking at Hasbro’s technique you can see a marketing strategy that is time tested. It is one that is used by many successful businesses and entertainers. The following is marketing advice I was given by Garth Brooks, and he had received it from Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson.

  • Reinvent yourself every three years
  • When you go away-go away. It will make people miss you.
  • Spend your off time creating something that is better than before so people will want you back!




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