Presidential Politics: Real Thought or Marketing Strategy

Many of us have watched President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney say many things about each other, our economy, and about what they believe.
Is what we are hearing reality or just smart marketing strategy?



In full disclosure here, I am a political junky. It was my minor in college and it is one of my passions. I do have a favorite in this election, but that is not what this is all about. Where many back away from Presidential Politics, I love to watch the marketing chess game that the two teams use to win the elections.

Today, I have listened to several people talking about the Presidential Debates and who won and why. Listening between all the bluster shows a sign of the real marketing strategy behind everything the candidates say and do.

I saw this first hand while covering President Bush Senior as a member of the media. I was on a bus that followed the Presidential caravan throughout the State of Illinois.
We made 15 stops while I was with the President, and at every stop the President

  • wore different clothes
  •  gave a tailored message
  • acted as if he were just a part of that particular audience

Listening to the debates, I do not listen for the over reaching messages exclusively. I listen to the candidates to see who they are pandering to in their statements. The candidates are very deliberate in every word in order to garner votes.

For instance, in Michigan, Governor Romney is very careful  to explain what he actually said about the rebuilding of the Auto Industry.







President Obama is often heard talking about his stance on abortion and other women’s issues in order to grow his popularity among women.







As a business owner, you can learn a lot from these campaigns. Every day we come across potential customers, followers, and supporters. Knowing who you are talking to and what matters to them is important. Like the Presidential candidates, tailoring your message to those you are speaking to is vitally important to your success.

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