Binders Full of Women?

When Mitt Romney uttered the words, “Binders Full of Women” at Tuesday night’s debate, pundits jumped on the chance to vilify the comment. Looking at the term in relation to your marketing plan, it could mean a gold mine for your business.
In this Presidential election season there has been an all-out wrestling match for the woman’s vote. Why? The reason they are fighting so hard is because; in today’s world woman have risen up and taken a prominent leadership role in their families and society in general.


Woman are much more prominent in society they:

  • have more buying power
  •  are increasingly the decision makers
  •  are shaping policy both in social settings and in business

Many businesses are still marketing in ways that do not take this into account. It is a world that many men are finding it hard to relate.
Recently, the CEO of a company that manufactures feminine hygiene products took offense to a social media post that she did not agree with. Here is one of the best responses I have seen to a social attack on marketing ever.

Click on the image to see the best response to social media







So when you are developing your marketing plan, take into account the fact that there is more than a “Binders Full of Women”:

• Qualified to work for you
• Make educated decisions about your product
• Show sound judgment about your company
• Tell their friends what they think
• Be your best social network
Finding your niche in today’s marketplace is often a product of knowing your audience. A wise marketing strategy is to employ people at all levels who truly understand your customer or clients and can help you relate.

Your organization’s goal is to develop a tribe of followers and leaders that will truly interact in order to make successful beyond your wildest imagination.

If you would like some help relating to your audience and building a following, let us take a look at your marketing strategy. We can help your business grow!