Can Great Marketing Kill Your Business?

After much thought, you hire a marketing agency to put together a marketing strategy that will help grow your business. You tell the new agency that you are all in and you want to put marketing as a top priority.
To many marketing firms this will cause them to drool at the possibilities. It is rare that a client is behind a marketing strategy not only with excitement, but are willing to open up the funding to do a full blown campaign. It would be easy for an agency to take the bait and go with a full blown marketing campaign that could completely shut down a business.

Years ago I was working with an organization and I was asked by a colleague if I wanted to have the organization talked about on the Oprah Winfrey Show. I thought in my mind, “Heck yes! Imagine the number of orders we will have, I will be a hero!”


Then I thought about that, “…imagine how many orders we will have….” The organization was not ready.


Six months previous to that conversation, we had done some marketing that was quite successful in bringing in orders. It affected the organization in different ways:

  • We nearly doubled the output of the organization in a three month period.
  • The organization struggled to meet the orders and several mistakes were made.
  • They lost new customers as a result of the inconsistent service.

I thought about the possible “Oprah Effect” on the business. Yes, it would bring in many new customers, but the organization was not ready for those customers. By turning down that invitation from one of Oprah’s friends, I actually kept the business alive.


A marketing strategy must be in line with the capabilities of the business to deliver it’s goods and services. The marketing strategy has to help an organization:

  •  manage growth
  •  keep up with customer service
  •  ensure deliverability
  •  manufacturing
  •  stay within financial outlay


 Marketing is the single most important aspect to getting your company seen. If you are wondering how your company’s marketing strategy is doing, let us here at Get Talked About give you a free analysis: