Haunted Houses and Your Business Marketing Strategy

Haunted Houses have a difficult task. They have a one month window in order to get all their customers in and out of the door and compete against an ever tougher to impress fan base. The latest marketing strategy is a unique twist to this age old fall business.



It may give your business some ideas about implement new twists in your marketing in order to get customers to take a second look at your business.

We have all seen the concept of your traditional haunted house. Costumed teens and young adults jump out at you and chase you with chain saws. The black lights and strobe lights create a spooky atmosphere. Many people are tired of this age old approach.






The competition to these haunted houses is pretty stout. Amusement parks like Six Flags and Busch Gardens take this scary approach and do it on steroids. They incorporate their thrill rides and million dollar production budgets and bring in thousands of visitors daily to their parks.




How do these haunted houses compete against such tough competition? They seek out and provide something an amusement park cannot provide. They look for one thing that will make them completely different.

In Villa Rica Georgia is Supernatural House. At first glance Supernatural House looks just like every other haunted house, but this haunted house comes with a twist. It is built on a site that locals and ghost hunters believe is a real haunted house complete with real ghosts. Now whether you believe in ghosts or not, this is a pretty good draw.



Thousands show up to see if they might not only have somebody jump out at them, but maybe they might see a real ghost. It has changed the whole dynamic for this otherwise ordinary haunted house. It has also provided a great boost in their box office.




What sets your business apart from your competitors? Why would a potential customer choose you over other companies that offer similar services? Find your edge and exploit it!

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