The Ryder Cup and Brand Marketing



The Ryder Cup in Golf is the elite event for golf worldwide and a great example of how a company should look at brand marketing. To Get Talked About for the Ryder Cup has never been a problem. This is an event that does everything right when it comes to brand marketing.



Let’s look at the Ryder Cup and learn some lessons that you can apply to your business:



The Quality of the Ryder Cup field is the best in the world.
o Your Company should always put the best product out there every time.
The Ryder Cup field has the top players from all over the world.
o Your product or service should have a reach that reaches the largest possible market.
Brand specific clothing and logos are consistent in both the US Ryder Cup team and the European Ryder Cup team.
o To have successful brand marketing your company needs to protect your brand.
o Your brand should always be consistent and identifiable.
o Exclusive logos and branding can cause your brand to be sought after.
Social media and traditional media are blended to build excitement about the Ryder Cup by the PGA and the players themselves.
o Your company or organization should have a team that knows how to blend online marketing, social media and traditional channels to promote your brand.
o Your team members within your organization should be excited about your organization to the level that they feel comfortable sharing your company’s products or services with their friend and followers.
 It is always good to monitor what your employees are saying about your company in order to keep brand marketing integrity.
It is always a good idea to look at the most successful companies, events, and brand marketing strategies to see what makes them the best at what they do. For many companies and organizations building a comprehensive sustainable brand marketing campaign is not internally possible. For those organizations it is always a good idea to hire an outside marketing firm that makes it their business to keep up with the most innovative techniques in brand marketing.


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