Internet Marketing-It’s About Relationships

Internet Marketing-Get Talked AboutInternet marketing is confusing for many companies that are competing in today’s marketplace. I mean, with literally millions of internet sites how does a company gain ranking and become one of the companies that will Get Talked About? Internet marketing not difficult when you realize that getting noticed on the internet is all about relationships.

Think about high school. For some of you that one thought brought about one of two emotions. You were either sad or it brought a smile to your face. Those with a smile on your face had it there because you found a way to garner popularity. Others may have gone unnoticed or were picked on by those who found popularity. Those who have found success with internet marketing have done so in the same way as the popular kids in high school.

What techniques do the use to be on top of the internet marketing pecking order?

• (Dress like the Cool Kids) Find out who the popular websites are and model yourself after them.

• (Find a way to get into the clique) Find the web experts and start interacting with the bloggers and major players and interact with them.

• (Get the Cool Kids to vouch for you) Get Talked About by the successful sites. Do things that may help them on their sites so they will link to you.

• (Have Leaders talk about you) Do something so crazy that the bloggers, experts and  people outside your field notice you and link to your site.

Approach Internet marketing like high school.Find out who is cool, and try to fit in with them or at least make them talk about you. Who knows you can be a rival that forces your competitor to talk about you.

Look at the big battle between Google and Microsoft and Macintosh. Many times, when you see I-Phone 5 there will be an article about Android.



To Get Talked About in the crazy world of internet marketing you have to be strong in your relationship building skills. There are tricks that help you to get noticed. A good marketing department or marketing firm can speed up the process. Skilled inbound marketing specialists work daily to build relationships with bloggers, marketing specialists, and others who control the ability for you to get noticed.

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