Marketing Strategy: In a DVR World-Make ‘em Watch

GTA Marketing Strategy in a DVR World

Does your marketing strategy involve video?

If it does, make sure you create a marketing video that will Get Talked About!

Marketing Videos are often boring or cheesy. Most companies try so hard to get their corporate message across they forget that your overall marketing strategy is to have more people see  and remember your video. You want people to talk about your video long after they have seen it.

  Let’s take some of campaigns that have been extremely successful over the years.

    Wendy’s had: “Where’s the Beef?”

Who can forget, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” 



Emeril Legosi made a carrier from saying, “Bam!”



You get the picture.

  • Your marketing strategy when it comes to videos whether they are commercials, corporate films, fundraising campaigns all must leave a lasting impression.
  • You want them talking about it tomorrow, next week, and next year.
  • When people say a catch phrase from your video others should know what they are talking about.
  • The call to action should be so evident to the viewer that they will stop what they are doing and do what your video is asking.
  • You created the video for a reason, make sure everyone remembers your work.

To create a video that is remembered it is important to hire somebody who gets to know you and your organization and has experience in the marketplace. You need an agency that has your best interest at heart, and knows how to include memorable video into your marketing strategy.

At Get Talked About we realize that visual branding of your company or organization is vitally important, so we have added staff with over 20 years of experience in video production, broadcasting, marketing to help you. This service is available to all our clients who truly want Get Talked About to help build a complete marketing strategy.

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