Marketing Equals Consistency

Get Talked About - Integrated Marketing - Chicago ILMarketing is many things. But the one thing it must be is consistent. It’s not something you turn on and off at random when the economy is up or down. Do you think sales/revenue are going to improve if you cut off the one thing that keeps your potential costumers and clients aware of who you are, what you do and that you still exist?

Today we expect every product or service to be competent in what they do. If everyone of your competitors can do the same thing you do, at a minimum, how do you compete? One way is by consistently letting your public know you are still here and why you should be chosen over a competitor.

I am reminded of the old saying that has been adopted into many businesses…

  • “the firings will continue until morale improves,” or,
  • “the firings will continue until sales improve,” or,
  • “we need to cut expenses starting with sales, advertising and marketing until things pick up”

Do you as a business owner, CEO, brand manager, etc. really believe if you quit or reduce marketing  efforts, then sales/revenue and cash flow will improve?

Keep your marketing consistent, measurable and activated. Make sure your marketing is integrated both online and offline (i.e.print always has a specific URL and online is supported offline via print.) By all means quit doing things that don’t work or don’t provide ROI, but don’t quit or cut back on marketing to improve your business. You can bet the top competitor in your industry hasn’t cut their marketing and they are probably growing.

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