Incoming! Landing Pages are Next

As I’ve covered in previous blogs, it’s important to earn attention when implementing an inbound marketing campaign, but where do you go from there? Attention is not enough. You have to get contact information from interested people to encourage them to buy your products or services! This is where landing pages come in. LPs are terrific tools for turning viewers into leads. Let’s look at Inbound Marketing’s suggestions from its class “Calls to Action & Landing Page Best Practices” to see how LPs are done.

Incoming! Landing Pages are Next
Image from lrargerich on flickr

The most important thing you should realize about LPs is that they have a purpose. Why are the visitors on the page? Should they pick up the phone and call you? Are they signing up for something free like a white page or webinar? Will it lead them to another page for more information? LPs can be any of these things and more, but the viewer should know what they are getting into and what they are getting out of it. If it’s not clear to them what you want them to do, it’s likely they won’t fill out the form. Be explicit!

Another thing you will realize about landing pages is since they ask for contact information, they may be met with some resistance. If the viewers face too many fields when filling out a form (ie-name, email, phone number, address, occupation, employer, reason for signing up, etc) they ┬ámay feel overwhelmed and not want to take the time to complete it. An LP with numerous fields also intimidates viewers because they may feel it asks for too much information too soon. Instead, it is better to limit the form to about 4 fields (ie-name, phone number, email, and message). Then, if these people are really interested in your product or service, they can fill out fields on other forms you introduce later. You should also include something at the end of the landing page that says, “We value your privacy.” This way, people will know that the information you are collecting will be secure, so they’ll be more comfortable giving away their information.

If you keep in mind that landing pages should be inviting and have a clear purpose, you can get more visitors to fill out your forms and become leads! Have more questions? Ask them in the comment section below and Katie can fill you in on how to master the craft!