Tweet Your Problems

Hello my lovies!  I am not one to usually tweet my dissatisfaction with people or companies, but a $150 flight change fee moved me to tweet my qualm with American Airlines just to see where it would get me.

Some background: A flight was booked on American and less than 18 hours later I realized that I needed to change my arrival flight. After, a ring around the rosie with an automated telephone operator I finally was able to speak to a human. (YAY for real people) Welp, I was informed I had to pay a $150 change fee. That is more than what the ticket cost in the first place! >:-o Wahhh

Needless to say I was ticked off so I did what my mother always told me. Wait five minutes and if it still bugs you talk about it. Okay, so how was I supposed to talk to American Airlines? hmmmm. TWITTER! Yes! America, this is the 21st century. In order for companies to hear us we must take to their social media and let them know when we are pleased or, in my case, ANGRY with them. So, I composed a skillfully devised Tweet to get American Airlines’ attention. I searched for their Twitter handle and the handle of a competitor who also flies to the same destination.

Kelly's Tweet
It wasn't too mean. I wanted it to come off as rational

In less than 15 minutes American tweeted back at me.

Tweet from American Airlines
AA's reply

Oh My God it worked! My voice had been heard!  I felt vindicated that I had been acknowledged, but then I needed to somehow convince them to give me my money back.

Here are my tips for tweeting at a company or brand when you are dissatisfied.

  1. Take 5 minutes to justify why you have been wronged. I talked to a few people and they told me that I was totally in the right to tweet my issue.
  2. Compose a tweet that grabs the receiver’s attention but also gives them a reason to respond to you. Try not to use expletives.
  3. Wait for their response and don’t tweet at them again. If they don’t respond to you, then they are most likely not monitoring their Twitter Feed.
  4. Once the receiver contacts you start following them and start a Direct Message
  5. If you were helped, tweet about the awesome customer service. Even if you weren’t refunded you still had someone help you.

In my situation, American refunded my $150 change fee! See this really works. They were very helpful and everything was settled within 48 hours of booking my original ticket.


American Airlines' Direct Message
See it does work


If you want to know more about my dilemma or if you have no idea about what some of my Twitter terms are, then ask me a question, make a comment below, and/or subscribe to the blog. In the next coming weeks I will be blogging more about Twitter and the different ways to gain awareness and exposure on your Twitter page.  Follow me @Kellyzenere  or Check out my page!