Profiles, Groups, and Pages, Oh My!

After reading some of the concerns in my last post I realized that I never explained a Facebook Page! Silly Kelly. There is a ton of Facebook jargon you may not be used to ie. Profiles, Groups, and Pages, and I will help you muddle your way through to the place you want to be.

Ok – first off, Groups are old school.

Old Facebook Group Image
What a group looked like

No one uses them for branding purposes anymore and they are going to be disbanded in a few months. This means you don’t have to worry about the group category. YAY! One down.

Now, repeat after me, “People have profiles; brands have pages.”

Fave book Page v Profile
Facebook Page vs Profile

If you are the CEO you have a profile, but say your company is “Nike”, then Nike will have it’s own page. Your company’s Facebook page must be as inviting as possible. The page is where your company’s “Fans” will come to find out more about your brand. Make sure your page has a description in the “About” section under your cover photo that shares the who, what, where, when, why, how.

Here are some ways to create an awesome Facebook Page.

  • Create a cover image (See my last post)
  • Add company milestones
  • Set up Custom Tabs to share company information
  • Set up a “Places” page
  • Add engaging applications to keep “fans” interested

Remember, the business page is a community for your fans and it is important for others to gain knowledge about your brand. Be as creative as possible, and determine which apps and visual content are best for your community. Most importantly, have fun by sharing your company’s personality.

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