How to Become a Google Partner

Naticon - Google Partner FiverFor those of you who are interested in building your credibility as a business and increasing your own brain-power, prepare for the Google Analytics Individual (IQ) test. Our team has committed to become more knowledgeable Google Analytics users by taking the 21 IQ Lessons.

Google does a great job of organizing each lesson into four categories: First Steps, Interpreting Reports, Fundamentals, and In-Depth Analysis. Google prepares you for each lesson by telling you “What you’ll learn” in a few bullet points. This structure can be useful for internal training, and it makes it easy to set goals and feel progress being made. The best part is each presentation is only 5 to 12 minutes long.

Over the next month, I will provide you with a series of blogs containing my key takeaways from each lesson. You can receive email notifications when a new Become a Google Partner blog is posted.  Let’s do this 🙂

First Steps: Introduction to Google Analytics
Introduction to Google Analytics: What you'll learn

How Google Analytics Works slide is great because it explains how information is shared through a given path: page > web server > Google Analytics tracking code > cookies are read > data sent to be processed in the reporting server

Google has provided you with the most simple way to describe their process of collecting data. I recommend you take a screen capture of this visual and place it in a “training” binder.

What Google Analytics Can Do for Your Business slide contains a lot of useful bullet points: make informed site & content decisions, increase conversion, measure keyword and ad performance, track a variety of metrics. If you are creating a marketing plan or writing a business proposal, these are the solutions you will be able to offer your client. Use them as headers beneath the proposed service of research & reporting.

I have been utilizing Google Analytics for a few years now, and Google has been an innovative leader that is constantly evolving. Take advantage of their shared expertise!  I think it is important for any business and individuals in marketing to learn how to make more informed decisions about your website and content you publish. Furthermore, it is imperative to be able to interpret data well and deliver quality solutions.

Next blog topic in the Become a Google Partner series: “First Steps: Installing the Google Analytics Tracking Code”

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