Cha Cha Cha Changes to Facebook Pages

D-day has come and gone! On March 30, 2012, your company’s Facebook (FB) page had ultimately change and there was nothing you could do about it, besides making a kick-a** timeline and cover image. I know, I know…there is so much to do and you want everything to be perfect, so never fear! I am here to help.

Let’s start with what you can’t do. We all know that Facebook has turned into an advertising Mecca, so of course they don’t want you to advertise at ALL on your cover page. FB’s rules state that your cover page cannot contain:
• Price purchase information
• Contact information (All contact information must be in the “about us” section)
• Call To Action
• References to Facebook features “Like” or “Share”
You also cannot have users fall on a certain tab when they go to your page. See example below. On the Calvin Klein page the marketers had first time users land on a tab for them to see what was coming up for Spring 2012. Welp, they can’t direct them anymore. (sad I know) Users are just going to land on your page and it’s up to you to get them to “like” what they see.

Calvin Kline Facebook pae
Can't land on tabs anymore

That’s enough about what you can’t do. What you can do is have an amazingly awesome cover photo!!!! The cover photo size is 851×310 px, so get your creative juices flowing and come up with a great image.

New Facebook Page
What you can do.

Coke did a great job with theirs integrating the Coke bottle with the fizz from the bubbles. They also added photos from different time periods showing that their brand has been around for quite some time.

You also have the opportunity to create an informative time-line that tells your company’s story. Insert when your company was founded, milestones your company crossed, and photos of your company in different time periods. Another great example of a FB Timeline Page is Ford Mustang.

Timeline for Ford Musting
New Timeline

They show the Mustang’s interior and exterior changes over the years, along with tidbits of information about the functionality of the car.

It is time to embrace the Facebook change and let your story be told. Use this change to your advantage and create an awesome cover photo along with an informational and exciting timeline.

You want some more Facebook Timeline tips from me? Tell me your challenges!

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