5 Steps to Creating Great Businesses, Jobs, and Personal Growth

Sad attempt of me finding an image of a someone paddling around in an endless sea - image by William Christenberry

The one thing that dominates the news recently, JOBS! Where are they? When will they get here? Is there something for me? If you are a business who wants to answer this call, increase revenues and profits and hire more people, then stop spinning around in an endless sea and do something.

Here are 5 steps you can take today

Step 1: Have an enterprise architecture statement – This should contain your company’s Foundational Belief, Vision, Mission, Promise, Insight, and Personality. Do you have one of these already? Do your employees know what it is? Could your clients and customers tell you what it is (not because they have heard it, but see it in everything you do for them)? Is your business suffering? This is the starting point for who you are, what you do and how you begin to tell your story.

Step 2: Look at your business structure – Do you have the right talent for growth? You may have very smart, talented people, but you may not have the right mix of people. Fix it today. You will be surprised at how you can affect growth and morale by fixing the people mix in your organization.

Step 3: Look at the numbers – See where there is waste and fix it. Every dollar you spend should be benefitting the organization, not someone in the organization or something/someone else outside of it.

Step 4: Make a list of industries, companies, and a buyer persona of your ideal customer/clients. Knowing what type of business and individual you would like to do business with is paramount to creating a growing, thriving, and outstanding business culture.

Step 5: Stop making bad decisions – I need to keep this person because, I can’t change the culture because, I can’t spend money or invest money on equipment, training, marketing because. These are all excuses and are actually stopping you from growing revenue, adding jobs, and creating a successful business operation.

This process works for an individual just as much as a business. What’s your personal statement? What’s your personal structure (do you have the right skills for what you want to do)? Where’s your money going? Is it helping or hurting you? Do you know what you really want to do and where you would like to do it? Are you making bad decisions and not investing in your personal success? Are you marketing yourself properly and getting the training you need?

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