Pardon our appearance while we get some work done.

Businesses and individuals alike, experience down time during improvements. Many times the situation leaves one with less than desirable functionality. Feeling less-than-our-best can translate into laying low while waiting for changes to take effect. Many suffer from the misconception that all work should be performed on the back end, hidden from the world until it is complete and ready for a debut. Others embrace this as an opportunity to showcase their rehabilitation.

"Atwood Cafe" "word of mouth"  creative marketing
Atwood Cafe puts a clever spin on getting work done

“We refuse to grow old gracefully.

 Please pardon our appearance

While we get some ‘work’ done.”

Instead of hiding behind the scaffolding, Atwood Café chose to utilize the well-trafficked corner of State and Washington in downtown Chicago. I appreciate the creativity and humor in this effort. It draws attention to the history, improvements and personality of this business, while making the most of a commonly undervalued situation. Businesses will ultimately (hopefully) experience the need to upgrade –structure, logistics, vendors. Improvements indicate maturity in the business model and businesses should embrace the opportunity to share their growth and change with the public.

Sometimes we encounter less than desirable situations, which demand change. A health department violation, for example, can prove to be devastating to even the most upstanding business. How does one spin this in a way that provides positive sentiment and return clientele? There’s the rub. Maybe… you throw a party and open the establishment, complete with improvements, to the critics. Let the public in on your changes and encourage them to share opinions. In addition to word of mouth, there are a multitude of channels empowering the consumer and extending their influence. The organic marketing that develops provides exponential opportunity to get your business back in the running as a viable and regenerated establishment. No matter what plan you devise, be sure to consider each opportunity to make the most of your situation. Do not assume you should hide while in transition. Your efforts and transparency can endear you to patrons.
Share your examples, which make the most of getting “work done” …or could have.