All Fear Beiber Nation


The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards aired on CBS Sunday, February 20. Usually after the show is over the award winners receive all the recognition while those that didn’t win fade to the background. Thanks to everyone’s favorite 16 year old, Justin Bieber took the entire spotlight. He is responsible for “Bieber fever”, the most contagious epidemic of the social media world. He has an army of fans following and crying over his every move willing to defeat any enemy that gets in his way.

The helpless victim on Grammy Night was a lesser-known artist by the name of Esperanza Spalding. What did she do wrong to receive the brutal bashing she did through Twitter and Facebook? She happened to win the Grammy for best new artists of the year, beating out the likes of Drake, Mumford & Sons, Florence and the Machine, and of course Justin Bieber. In the defense of Bieber Nation, the other nominees that could have won the award would have received the same social lashing. Esperanza must face the ridicule and public pressure that Bieber Nation dumps all over social media.

Networks such as Facebook and Twitter have allowed fans from all over the world to band together to help fight for their favorite artist. Right now there is no other artist being talked about and followed more than Justin Bieber. For those that dare to test the might of Bieber Nation, be warned. Authors, be ready to be called a nobody all over the social sites if you dare outsell Bieber’s new book. One final warning to Batman, Superman, Spiderman and the rest of the comic book world, Bieber even has a comic book coming out. Behold the power of social media influence.