Seeking Drop of Insight to Feed My Blog Seed

I find human interaction to be one of the most powerful tools that can be used to expand the infinite capacity of knowledge our brains strive to obtain. Experiences from all facets of life contribute to this beautifully diverse library of moral codes. If members of the human race seek more efficient methods of living, we must filter through these moral codes and share our individual interpretations and aspirations.

Another era has begun as technology enabled the world to be more tightly woven and highly accessible. Many people from the Western Hemisphere have been exposed to a variety of cultures, lifestyles, and brilliant landscapes provided by the pitter-pattering of our fingertips followed by a quick click. With all of the amazing potential new communication tools have to offer, I struggle to understand why so many fabrications are spread to cover up the reality that the majority of humans have chosen to behave destructively and carelessly.

I admit that my call to action is being vaguely presented within this content because I have not identified a particular frame of reference. When I try to analyze the world and its faults through my philosophical portal, other perspectives that I have collected contradict one another. Although I lack knowledge and experience in respect of my age, I realize how powerful my passion for learning and sharing the truth really is.

I intend to grow from this little blog seed I have planted. I am truly curious to find out what shape I will take on through out this virtual journey of words. I am confident my writings will branch off into multiple topics that will overlap and contradict each other. I foresee a gnarled mess, but I have always enjoyed a personal challenge.

Open to any and all feedback! Posting questions or different perspectives will keep this blog fun and interesting!

Until next week!