One time customer or life-long client and advocate

I question whether businesses using Social Media are in it for the long haul as guru Seth Godin recently pointed out, or if there in for a quick buck, fast sale, desparate attempt to please someone senior in the organization. Businesses with a commodity, a CPG company, or firm looking for a quick expansion or a way to increase short-term business always look for customers to buy thier stuff. There is probably an argument that these types of places that are quick sales focused should stay out of social media. However, if your company, brand or organization is looking for clients/advocates for life you should definitely be using this medium to develop your relationships. It may not pay-off immediately and win you some award in your enterprise or industry, but I would bet the farm that down the road your business will be better off having developed life-long clients/advocates that will wether a storm with you, help your business when you are lost for answers, and recommend your products and services to others then getting some one to buy something NOW!