Off-line Recommendations from an Online Lurker

I have told this story a thousand times offline, but I thought it was worth telling again digitally.

I am a lurker. Yes, that’s right a guy preaching the value of using social media to market your company, brand and person not talking about a company, brand or person online. And guess what, I am not the only one. There are a few companies who have no idea that they have gained sales because of my recommendation.

Personally, I have recommended JVC, Alesis, Adobe, Musician’s Friend, Guitar Center and the products they sell to no less than 5 people/companies over the last year to a total sales value of over 5 thousand dollars. I didn’t even ask for a commission, But the reviewers and their commenters postings I read should have. Yes! all of these brands and the other brands they sell have fans, online reviews, comments and posts that they might not know they have. These digital enthusiasts have caused me to buy, and recommend offline all of their products. Yet these brands wont find me talking about them online (until now), I will talk about them offline. You see, I am a lurker in the amateur recording and live gigging market. I look for deals, recommendations and suggestions online, but do not participate online. Yet, I have made several recommendations offline for The companies I have found online. If they had not had influencers, fans, evangelists online, they would not have gained my sales and subsequent recommendations offline.

Check out the graphs and the power of the lurker. Three brands have gotten 20,000 plus post, but over 70,000 reads in a recent 30 day period. How many recommended or purchased their products and services? How much are you missing out on, by second guessing the power of social media?

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