Twitter, Social Graphs, and More!

After spending some quality time with TwitterAnalyzer earlier this week – we wanted to share insight on using the tool when building a brand through conversation (that is what we are here for after all). From our research,TwitterAnalyzer aligns best with the preliminary research and the continued monitoring of a successful campaign.

As a research assistant, the tool provides a section labeled “Friends Connections” (the apostrophe is remiss on the website) mapping relationships between any two Twitter users. Being able to discover common bonds between users injects a LinkedIn/Facebook element to Twitter. For a fictitious example:

I noticed @andyangelos and @mhitzeman conversing about my product. I used the “Friends Connection” feature to determine their shared social group. Members of this list, knowing both Andy and Marty, are more likely to recognize and participate in their banter.

TwitterAnalyzer is also helpful when trying to locate a niche Twitter ecosystem not already organized through a site like TwitterMoms or ExecTweets. Using two users identified as experts in “Home Health Care” – the “Friends Connections” feature helped extract a host of other professionals sharing the similar interests. Now onto the monitoring benefits…

Analyzing user habits on Twitter is nothing novel (see TweetStats for an early example), but TwitterAnalyzer benefits from the breadth of options available through one interface. Most interesting are experiments with “Unique Readers Graphs” and “Re-Tweets” (experiment is our personal stats were not 100%accurate). The “Unique Readers Graphs” function provides insight into how many viewers were reached outside of a user’s immediate follower network through Re-Tweets.

Feel free to share your experience with TwitterAnalyzer in the comments section. There are surely a number of valuable uses to this tool. Or start a conversation on Twitter via @andyangelos and @mhitzeman.