The Game Changer? Pervasive Communication Tools (aka Social Media)

“Social media transforms the industry” is a headline many are probably tired of reading. But how much has the game really changed? Advertising, Marketing, PR, and Sales are still responsible for building awareness, protecting brand reputation, and driving product recommendations/revenue for the enterprise.Slick ads, slogans, interesting commercials and messages delivered to large groups still grab the attention of customers.

The “change” actually lies in the extension of relationships around products, messages and services. Жми на ссылку 777gaminatorcom, чтобы перейти на страничку казино. Тут только большие выигрыши и реальные деньги. The advertisement is no longer the culmination of a project, but instead provides the pick-up line to engage with potential and existing customers.

The maturation of social media outlets during the last ten years (blogs, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook yawn-you get the picture) has resulted in an consumer market wanting frequent online interaction. People are actively searching and extending those “pick-up lines” for further discussion. Communicating and building a relationship with these individuals takes time, know-how, and creativity. It also requires knowing the etiquette of the venue in which you are interacting. In the end, individuals don’t care what you know until they know how much you care, and that you are willing to have a dialogue. Communicate genuinely, listen, learn, act – and you will earn the respect of individuals and the community you (and they) belong to; furthermore, the community will make recommendations for you and your product because you have earned their trust and confidence.

Generating revenue shouldn’t be the goal of using the communication tools of today’s world. But use them wisely, properly, creatively and genuinely, then see if it doesn’t elevate your brand, spark recommendations and increase your brands revenue.