All Fear Beiber Nation

( The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards aired on CBS Sunday, February 20. Usually after the show is over the award winners receive all the recognition while those that didn’t win fade to the background. Thanks to everyone’s favorite 16 year Continue reading All Fear Beiber Nation

Seeking Drop of Insight to Feed My Blog Seed

I find human interaction to be one of the most powerful tools that can be used to expand the infinite capacity of knowledge our brains strive to obtain. Experiences from all facets of life contribute to this beautifully diverse library Continue reading Seeking Drop of Insight to Feed My Blog Seed

Delivering Negative Messages Positively

Not all news can be good news an unfortunate reality United Airlines is facing on frequent basis. After recently removing phone based customer service, United announced a surcharge for overweight passengers meeting the following criteria: Unable to fit into single Continue reading Delivering Negative Messages Positively