SEO – On-Page, Off-Page, and In Between

How can you get found online? Search engines are often the portal to your site, so you first have to garner great SEO (search engine optimization) practices. There are companies that specialize and do this for their entire business. Their Continue reading

Blogging is Business?!

Alright, who knew that blogging for business was so huge?! I didn’t. The fact that blogs’ viewers and readers can turn into leads went completely over my head. After taking the first Inbound Marketing webinar, “How to Blog Effectively for Continue reading

One time customer or life-long client and advocate

I question whether businesses using Social Media are in it for the long haul as guru Seth Godin recently pointed out, or if there in for a quick buck, fast sale, desparate attempt to please someone senior in the organization. Continue reading

Get Talked About has a New Inbound Marketing Certified Professional

I recently participated in Inbound Marketing University and received my Inbound Marketing Certified Professional designation. The certificate acknowledges the recipient’s proficiency in Inbound Marketing principles and best practices, including blogging, social media, lead conversion, lead nurturing, and closed-loop analysis. What Continue reading