All Fear Beiber Nation

( The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards aired on CBS Sunday, February 20. Usually after the show is over the award winners receive all the recognition while those that didn’t win fade to the background. Thanks to everyone’s favorite 16 year Continue reading All Fear Beiber Nation

Humor and Oppression Just say No.

On Sunday, February 6, the Super Bowl aired on Fox and set an all-time high at 111 million American viewers. The Superbowlis a great opportunity for theNFLand its sponsors to gain immense exposure to a specific target audience. Not only Continue reading Humor and Oppression Just say No.

Think Before You Tweet

  It has been brought to my attention that a message less than 140 characters long could be the catalyst of death threats. Now more than ever, one thought, comment or video can be spread to the world in the Continue reading Think Before You Tweet

Seeking Drop of Insight to Feed My Blog Seed

I find human interaction to be one of the most powerful tools that can be used to expand the infinite capacity of knowledge our brains strive to obtain. Experiences from all facets of life contribute to this beautifully diverse library Continue reading Seeking Drop of Insight to Feed My Blog Seed